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60 Minute Paid Research Opportunity Ages 18-20 and 30-39

Atentiv™ develops digital learning systems designed to improve attention and impulse control skills. The Atentiv™ System operates as a highly adaptive, engaging virtual game on any tablet or computer. To date, multiple studies have been performed in clinical and school settings in Singapore and the U.S.  Study results indicate that the Atentiv™ System leads to clinically significant and sustained improvements in attention and impulse inhibition in children with ADHD. You may have heard of about the Atentiv™ System from Dr. Hallowell, who wrote about these results in ADDitude Magazine.

As part of our effort to develop and improve the Atentiv™ System, Atentiv is looking for persons ranging in age from 13-80 to do two 20 minute computer tasks while a clinician records their EEG brain waves. The process is painless, harmless and rather fun.  Participants will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. All data will be aggregated and used for mathematical averaging purposes. No subject data will be disclosed.

WHO: Person ranging 18-20 and 30-39 years of age with or without ADHD. If they are taking ADHD stimulant medication, they need to be able to abstain from stimulants for at least 48 hours. Persons on antidepressants or anti-seizure medications are not suitable subjects.

WHAT: Complete two 20 minute brain wave recordings with a 30 minute break between the recordings. Get paid with $50 Amazon gift card. The entire session is a little over an hour. 

WHERE: Hallowell Center Sudbury, 144 North Road (Rte 117), Suite 2450, Sudbury, MA 01776  
or 61 Turkey Hill Road in West Newbury, MA.

WHEN: We are enrolling now!

HOW: Contact Rebecca Shafir at the Hallowell Center in Sudbury (978-287- 0810  x117) or at her office in West Newbury, MA  (978- 255-1817)  if you would like to participate.

Maya Rose, Atentiv Study Coordinator  maya_rose@atentiv.com  781-209-5082


Hallowell Center Sudbury • 144 North Road, Suite 2450 • Sudbury, MA 01776 • ph 978-287-0810

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