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Complementary and Alternative Treatment Programs
at the Hallowell Center, Sudbury

When it comes to alternative or complementary therapies, my advice is to retain your common sense. On one side, academics say that because many of these therapies do not have prospective, double-blind studies to back them up, one should avoid them. Remember, though, that the only organizations that can afford the expense of such studies are pharmaceutical companies. Good for them — because meds are key to reducing symptoms. But if you insist on double-blind studies and reject anecdotal evidence, you risk losing out on some potentially worthwhile therapies.

I've seen some patients benefit from LENS, a form of neurofeedback. I'm a big fan of the Cogmed program for improving working memory, because it has more research behind it than other alternative therapies. My favorite "alternative treatments" are free: sleep, exercise, nutrition, meditation, stretching your brain with stimulating exercises, and positive human contact — known as love. My motto for using alternative treatments is: "Try whatever might work, as long as it's safe and legal."

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Alpha Stim cranial electrotherapy


The holidays are upon us! If you’re struggling with anxiety, it may be hard to recall the last time you weren’t feeling tense, worried, or on edge. Anxiety can cause sudden panic attacks, may interfere with your personal or professional responsibilities, and is often tied to depression and insomnia. When you feel overwhelmed, you need a safe and rapid solution that can relieve your anxiety and help you regain your confidence and zest for life.

Come to the Hallowell Center in Sudbury and experience a safe, effective and medication-free approach.


Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS)

It's Not Too Late To Resuscitate your child's school performance!

If you broke out in a cold sweat when the report card arrived....
I can help.

Rebecca ShafirI'm Rebecca Shafir, speech pathologist, neurotherapist at the Hallowell Center in Sudbury.

It's the time of the year when frantic parents and overwhelmed students collide - what can a student do at this point to recover from dipping grades, anxiety and low self-esteem? Perhaps now your student is all EARS?!

The Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS) trains students to manage emotions, problem-solve, work smarter not harder and d get things done – the skills of successful people. If your student (middle-school through college age ) is underperforming academically, overwhelmed with school work and wanting to do better, maybe your student is “all EARS.” EARS  turns failure on its head, making academic problems an opportunity for growth rather than a reason to despair.  With the guidance of an EARS coach, students acquire habits and skills of success that will sustain over a lifetime.

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Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a proven, software-based intervention, specifically designed to help children and adults with attention deficits.  The program can be done at and from your home; all that is needed is internet access and a phone.  The program is directed by Rebecca Shafir, Speech Language Pathologist.  The program is 5 weeks in duration for approximately 30 minutes 5 days a week.  Patients do not have to be seen at our office to participate in the program. More information about CogMed.

Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS)

Brainwave Readings with LENS
Brainwave Readings with LENS
Rebecca Shafir
Rebecca Shafir directs LENS treatments

LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) is a safe and non-invasive procedure that monitors and analyzes EEG (brain activity). It is an effective, non-medication approach for persons who do not tolerate medications, prefer not to use medications or who do not find medications helpful. Symptoms associated with ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD, migraines and Asperger’s can improve significantly with LENS. Via a tiny sensor placed on the scalp the LENS system acquires brain wave information at each of 19 sites and uses that information as feedback for sending signals back to the brain to normalize brain activity. Note: As with medications, LENS is not a cure, but it can make measurable improvements in sleep, mood, energy, clarity and anxiety without the side effects typically experienced with some medications. A client can participate in LENS treatment along with medications, and in some cases LENS can help the medications work better.  Furthermore, LENS enables the client to use compensatory strategies with greater ease and efficiency.  Compared with traditional neurofeedback, the LENS process requires no work by the client and accomplishes improved functioning in much less time and at a much lower cost.  For more information on LENS see www.ochslabs.com or call Rebecca Shafir (978) 287-0810 x117.

Now Offering pirHEG Neurofeedback

Brainwave Readings with LENS
Now offering pirHEG Neurofeedback at the Hallowell Center

What is pirHEG?

pirHEG stands for passive infrared Hemoencephalography (as developed by Jeffrey Carmen Ph.D). It is an evidence-based system of neurofeedback that helps one control blood flow or oxygenation to the frontal lobes of the brain. When the metabolic activity increases in the frontal lobes executive brain functioning improves.

Executive/organizational failures and impulse control issues characteristic of persons with ADHD are generally marked by prefrontal cortex difficulties. Active brain areas are marked by high oxygen density and higher than normal temperature. Our brains have an amazing ability to supply extra blood preferentially to areas in current use.

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Heartmath Biofeedback

We use the Heartmath emWave® PC technology to help our patients learn internal awareness, self-regulation, and emotional management skills. One can learn to prevent stress by becoming aware of when the stress response starts and stopping it in the moment.

For more information on how we integrate Heartmath biofeedback at the Hallowell Center, please contact Rebecca Shafir at (978) 287-0810 x117.

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