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Heartmath at the Hallowell Centers

Stress is the wear and tear the body experiences in reaction to everyday challenges, tensions and pressures. The American Institute of Stress claims that up to 90% of all health problems are related to stress. Too much stress wears down the immune system, and contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, depression and sleep disorders.

In coordination with cognitive therapy and/or the Low Energy Neurofeedback System we use the Heartmath emWave® PC technology to help our patients learn internal awareness, self-regulation, and emotional management skills. One can learn to prevent stress by becoming aware of when the stress response starts and stopping it in the moment.

Why HeartMath?
How does Heartmath help reduce stress?
Who can be helped with Heartmath?

Why Heartmath?

HeartMath's compelling approach has been published in journals such as the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Innovative Management, The American Journal of Cardiology, Stress Medicine, and Journal of Advancement in Medicine. HeartMath's successes have been featured in media stories on CNN, ABC World News Tonight, NBC's Today Show, Good Morning America, the Lifetime Network, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. See www.Heartmath.com for more information

For more information on how we integrate Heartmath biofeedback at the Hallowell Center, please contact Rebecca Shafir at
(978) 287-0810 x117.  

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