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Evaluation and Therapy Services
at the Hallowell Center, Sudbury

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Taming Technology

Rebecca Shafir, M.A.CCC of The Hallowell Center of Boston MetroWest interviews renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Saul Rosenthal on the challenges and dangers of technology. Both Ms. Shafir and Dr. Rosenthal have extensive experience helping clients balance technology usage and offer suggestions to curb its over- and mis-use so that it becomes the helpful productivity tool it was intended to be.

Listen to the recording.

Neuropsychological Testing and Diagnosis

We offer a full range of testing to understand all of the issues a patient may face. In the case of ADHD, more than half of patients also have co-existing learning disabilities, concussion, mental health or social perceptual issues that also need treatment for optimal results. We also review a full patient history and interview both the patient and, when appropriate, his/her caregivers. This thoughtful, multi-pronged approach provides a complete picture of a patient’s cognitive health. Other diagnositic assessments are welcomed, such as for memory impairment or cognitive assessment of other neurologically-based disorders.

There can be multiple purposes for a neuropsychological assessment. An assessment can provide diagnostic clarification, fulfill the requirements for educational accomodations for schools and colleges, and can provide needed information for state services. A clear picture of cognitive strengths and weaknesses derived from the assessment can be particulaly helpful to explore potential vocational careers or modification of current positions.

On completion of the evaluation, feedback is provided regarding the diagnosis and implications for educational, vocational and behavioral treatments and a treatment plan is generated. Treatment options at the Hallowell Center might include pharmacological approaches, individual or family counseling, vocational counseling, coaching, complementary therapies or any combination thereof

If prior testing has been previously done, the previous results can be incorporated into a current assessment and an determination made to see if current or additional testing is needed.

(see list of services offered for greater detail).

Cognitive and Medical Treatment
for ADHD and its Co-Existing Conditions

Sorting through the maze of medical treatments that can aid patients with ADHD can be a complicated process.  Our physicians are experts at helping you find the right medication, should you choose to take one, and then monitoring your progress and growth.  In addition, we provide the counseling necessary to learn the skills and make the life changes so important to the success of those with ADHD.  Because every case of ADHD is unique, you’ll find our expertise both necessary and comforting.

Education and Counseling

Getting a thorough diagnosis is often a relief.  Finally, you have a name for that which has been bothering you!  But the diagnosis is only the beginning.  The next steps include education and, for many patients, counseling.  We will help you learn everything you need to know about your condition so that you can make informed and useful decisions with us about your treatment.  We also offer a wide variety of counseling services that will help you put your life back in order.  This includes teen counseling, marriage therapy, individual counseling, social skills and career counseling. Click here to learn more!

Complementary and Alternative Treatments

Many individuals prefer alternative, non-medication approaches to dealing with the symptoms of ADD and its co-existing conditions. These evidence-based interventions can be used in isolation or with medication. Click here to learn more!

Life Skills Coaching Services

The Hallowell Center offers one-on-one organizational coaching for people ages 10 and up.  Our coaching expert works with parents to establish front-end interventions for children, teenagers and college students.  Coaching sessions are aimed at designing personalized techniques to address issues such as long-term planning, procrastination, shifting focus, managing multiple demands and time management.  Students will master life skills that will allow them to manage their lives more effectively.

A similar approach, tailored to the specific needs of adults, and sometimes in combination with career coaching, helps adults improve life skills in the areas of planning, organization, procrastination and focus.

Career Development and Success:

Robin Roman Wright, M.A.
Robin Roman Wright, M.A.

Ms. Roman Wright of the Hallowell Center staff works with young adults (16-29) who are seeking to determine what career might best fit their strengths, with mid-career job seekers looking for meaningful work, and with clients at pre-retirement age interested in finding a way to contribute while in retirement. Career Coaching can help you Conduct a self audit of your skills, abilities, and gifts, develop plans that play to your strengths, identify skills and develop new habits for increased effectiveness with managers, peers and work teams, clarify a vision and mission for your work life, or retirement dreams,  and helps one think “outside the box” to create a more fulfilling life.

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