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Renee Goldberg

Renee Goldberg (see her bio below) provide educational planning services for the Hallowell Center. She works with students age 5 through adult and advise families about:

  • Boarding School Admission
  • College Admission
  • Programs/Schools for Troubled Teens

Boarding School Admission

A boarding school is a 24-hour learning community and offers students an alternative to traditional public or parochial school education. A boarding school may be the right setting for students who:

  • Want stronger preparation for college
  • Are not challenged in their present school settings
  • Have specific and unique talents
  • Are gifted and need validation
  • May benefit from a gentle nudge towards improving academic skills
  • May not 'fit' in a large, impersonal school

There are many boarding schools across the country offering a blend of academic, cultural and social life, and Dr. Goldberg will recommend schools that match a student’s interests and needs and provide the appropriate support for students with AD/HD. She will:

  • Evaluate academic records
  • Explore a student's skills, interests and talents
  • Recommend appropriate schools
  • Review applications
  • Assist with essays, interviews and visits
  • Act as the liaison between family and school


College Advising

Few events in a student’s life have as great an impact as attending college or university. At the same time, gaining admission to college today is extremely difficult. There are more students, too few spaces and the competition is intense. The decision can be overwhelming and the process stressful. Dr. Goldberg begins with a planning session to assess strengths and determine current and future educational goals. Then, she will work with a student and family to develop an appropriate admissions strategy which includes:

  • College selection
  • Application, resume and essay review
  • Coaching for interview
  • Overseeing the application process
  • Working with college admissions officers

This personalized approach to college admissions will:

  • Reduce student and family stress
  • Improve a students chances for admission
  • Enhance the college experience

Programs and Schools for Troubled Teens

Students requiring these services simply are not doing well at home and need professional assistance and intervention. There are many programs throughout the country which offer a wide range of services. Parents should be aware that their child needing this type of service might not be a willing participant in the admissions process. Dr.Goldberg will search for the most appropriate program/school, and will guide support the family through the continuum of services.


Renee LeWinter Goldberg, Ed.D., C.E.P. (Certified Educational Planner)

Renee LeWinter Goldberg is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and received her doctorate from Clark University. She has taught public school and was a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Renee was recently the assistant director of Disability Services at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. At Clark University, she established and created support services for students with learning disabilities. In addition, Dr. Goldberg has lectured throughout the country on services for students with learning disabilities and AD/HD. She has a special interest in students with learning disabilities and AD/HD.


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