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This presentation, which may be of any length, offers a basic introduction to the world of attention deficit disorder, including diagnosis and treatment in both children and adults. Depending upon the length of the presentation, Dr. Hallowell goes into increasingly more detail regarding the human experience of ADD, the impact of ADD on the family and on couples, and the various treatments available, as well as the directions of current research.  In the longer lectures and the daylong workshops. Dr. Hallowell allows plenty of time for questions and audience participation.


In this presentation, Dr. Hallowell will focus on the material that is presented in Delivered From Distraction, his book on ADD that was published in January 2005.  A great deal has happened since Dr. Hallowell wrote the best-seller Driven to Distraction 10 years ago, particularly in the new area of understanding adult ADD  His goal is to help people master the power of ADD while avoiding its pitfalls.  His message will be all encompassing and talks about what it is like to have ADD, explains some of the brain science behind it, and talks about how to get diagnosed properly, available medicinal and non-medicinal treatments, etc.  He will also address the many people who have ADD coupled with other learning issues, worry and ADD, sex and relationships and ADD, and tips on how to live your life to the fullest if you have ADD. 

  • Present a strength-based approach to AD/HD
  • Identify benefits of changing environment to treat AD/HD
  • Explore recent research into AD/HD
  • Examine benefits of exercise, nutrition, and other non-medication approaches
  • Treat AD/HD in a comprehensive 5 step fashion

Couples and Families with ADD

This lecture looks at the impact of ADD upon families and couples.  It offers practical advice on how to deal with ADD if you are a parent, spouse, sibling or other participant in a family where ADD is present.

Medication and ADD 

This lecture focuses on the medications currently available for the treatment of ADD in children and in adults.  The lecture addresses the pros and cons of medication and dispels the various myths that surround the use of medication in general.  The presentation explores the side effects as well as the possible benefits of the various medications now available.

The Non-Medication Management of ADD 

Intended for all audiences, this lecture introduces the basic methods we have for treating ADD exclusive of medication.  For both children and adults who have ADD, methods of structuring one's environment can make a crucial difference in how well one does.  This presentation offers many different practical strategies for managing ADD in everyday life.

Special Topics related to ADD 

This lecture takes up a number of special topics related to ADD including addictions, sexuality, aggression and violent behavior, male/female differences, thrill-seeking behavior, and any other topics the audience might bring up.

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