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Connections and Health


Note: This presentation is based upon HUMAN MOMENTS, published by Health Communications, September 2001.

Life is just a series of mostly forgettable events unless we love …  and love in as many different ways as we can, from loving a person, to a book, to spirit, to a place, to an idea, to a dog --- to almost anything. With love, we endow certain moments with a special power and significance. With love, and its cousin, imagination, we conjure up the richness and power that lies beneath the surface of even the most trivial second in our lives.

By the power of love and imagination we turn ordinary, inert moments into what I call human moments, those moments in which we feel connected to someone or something outside of ourselves and in the presence of what matters most, what we call meaning. In this country, most of us actually have what we need to be happy.  The challenge is to make what we have matter—matter now, today — and matter enough.

The basic ingredients of a happy life are simple.  They include friends and neighbors; relatives; some worry you like; perhaps some pets; a club, or a church, or a team; maybe a garden or other passionate pastime or—hobby; maybe a good book or a movie; and some hopes and memories, too.

To relish the full pleasure of these connections, we have to delve deeply into them and make the most of them.  We have to nourish them so they become as strong as they possibly can be.  But how?  It is one thing to say it, another to do it.

In this seminar—which can be adapted to a lecture format, or a half-day format, or a full day—Dr. Hallowell delves into the complexities of the human moment.  He discusses the human moment in families, in business, in schools, and in all the arenas of life.  He provides concrete evidence of the importance of the human moment, and he offers strategic advice on how to create and sustain human moments every day.  He discusses the biology of the human moment, as well as the psychology, and offers many illustrations from his own life and the lives of his patients and friends.  He also offers illustrations from large groups and organizations.

This unique and groundbreaking seminar introduces the audience to a new vocabulary, but more importantly to a new approach to life. In today's world, this message matters more than it ever has before.

 Based upon Dr. Hallowell’s book,


this presentation explores the power and promise of living a connected life.

As Dr. Hallowell sees it, America today is facing a crisis of disconnection.  You need look no farther than Littleton, Colorado and the many other similar horrifying acts of violence in the past few years to see the most tragic consequences of disconnection.  But even in healthy, normal lives, disconnection is taking its toll.  The speed of modern life, the demands of home and the workplace, and the impact of technology all have conspired to disconnect us from each other in subtle but destructive ways.  People don't know their neighbors; indeed, in many places, neighborhoods do not exist people don't make time for friendships; they even have trouble making time for family members.  As one family Physician said during one of Dr. Hallowell's seminars, “My patients have no supports—ZERO—in their lives. They are hanging on by the skin of their teeth.”  Everyone is working hard, but increasingly people are not making time for the connections that really matter.

In this presentation Dr. Hallowell gives some scientific evidence that shows how vitally important connections are.  He shows how varied these connections can be—from family to friends to pets, to the workplace, to a hobby, to the world of nature, or the world of beauty, to institutions and organizations, or to the kingdom of God—and how vital they truly are. 

Having established with scientific studies the importance of living a connected life—for people of all ages—Dr. Hallowell then explores various ways of setting it up.  Is it possible, for example, for two working people with three children to do anything but work, clean house, and give a few minutes to my kids?  Yes, it is. But it takes careful planning. It takes commitment, imagination, and involvement with other people who want to do the same.  The good news is that almost everyone wants to do the same; if they can find a way they feel comfortable with.  Dr. Hallowell gives many examples of real people doing just this—developing connected lives in today's disconnected world. 

Using real-life examples from people of all walks of life, all socio-economic backgrounds, and diverse geographical regions.  Dr. Hallowell will convince you that a connected life not only is worth the sacrifices it might require, but that you can set it up it in your life, and set it up now.

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