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SOURCES OF THE LOVE OF LEARNING AND PEAK PERFORMANCE:  “No brain is the same, no brain is the best, each brain finds its own special way.”  So says a brain named Manfred (called Fred), the main character in Dr. Edward Hallowell’s illustrated children’s story, A WALK IN THE RAIN WITH A BRAIN.

Written in children’s language and intended for a grade-school audience, the story is rooted in sophisticated brain science and has deep implications for how people of all ages learn best and perform at the highest level.  Using the story as a takeoff point, in this presentation Dr. Hallowell examines first the most common obstacles to learning and then the best ways both to overcome the obstacles as well as to promote the talents and strengths that incubate within us all.

Drawing upon Howard Gardner’s ideas on multiple intelligences, Mel Levine’s ideas on neuropsychological constructs, Priscilla Vail’s ideas on emotion and learning, as well as wisdom collected from such diverse sources as the Latin poet, Horace, William Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, John Keats, D. W. Winnicott, and Dr. Seuss, Dr. Hallowell synthesizes his own unique vision of what leads to a love of learning and peak performance at all ages.  He provides both a theoretical basis for promoting lifelong learning and peak performance as well as practical steps for helping people of all ages to draw the best out of their individual, unique brain.


Intended for audiences of teachers and other school people, this lecture focuses on the non-medication management of ADD in the classroom.  The presentation offers specific, concrete, and practical ways to manage ADD in a mainstream classroom.  The same principles can be used in other settings, such as home or special classrooms, as well.

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