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7 Tips for Starting out the School Year Right

The Hallowell Center coach for children and their parents, offers parents seven tips for helping their child succeed this school year. She prefaces these suggestions with a reminder that every child is different, and each family must come up with a way that works for them. Kids and parents need to create a plan and set goals together.

  1. Evaluate what went well last school year, i.e. gains, improvements in certain courses and sports, and what needs to change. These could include study habits, managing tech time, being more organized, etc.

  2. Get a wall calendar and write down all major long term assignments, school commitments, sporting events, and out-of-school activities. Use different colors to paint a holistic picture so both parent and child can see priorities and how all activities interact.

  3. Set up homework start time — select a mutually agreed upon time to relax and time to get started on homework i.e. 2:15-4:00p.m. free time, 4:00 homework time.

  4. Have a technology use schedule, i.e. 4:30-8:00p.m. computers, game boys off, etc. Internet use for homework only if supervised by parent. Put the PC in a common place to help monitor how it's being used.

  5. Set up a reward system for putting off gratification. Daily rewards can be more techie time or time with friends. Agree upon a reward system that will work for the both of you. Spell out how it will be executed - who will check homework or is the honor system sufficient? Make sure the terms are clear and specific.

  6. Organize a study space, a distraction free zone where your child can do his/her work best and where they'll have all the tools to do their work.

  7. Organizing the systems you need to stay organized. What do you need?
    An ADD friendly folder system or back pack with compartments sized for study tools? Pick a system and stick with it. If it doesn't work figure out another system and stick with it.

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